In Arabic "Mahzuzah" translates to "I am Lucky" in its feminine form.

As young Egyptian women, when sharing our aspirations or divulging our wildest dreams, we are often met with doubt and stiff resistance to the notion that success can be found beyond the walls of a professional degree.

While we both hold degrees and believe in the power of education, we also believe in the power of our imagination and creativity.

Years ago, we were told by a family member that our ingenuity was amazing, but as Egyptian women, "you [we] aren't lucky enough to turn our non-traditional dreams into a success." Those words stuck with us.

We set out to prove, that we can be just as "lucky" as the next person. Instead of waiting for luck to fall upon us, we've instead, pushed forward believing that "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." 

We are lucky, and so are you

So Yallah, let's do this!



At a very young age I became obsessed with creating things. I can't help but see everything thru a poetic and limitless lens. Whether it was with a sketch pad designing clothes, imagining a fifteen story building with different cultural restaurants on each floor, writing poetry, or superhero stories of my friends and I.

I was the kid that colored in the lines and whose dinosaur may have been purple but you better believe those spots were perfectly coordinated. I was the kid that was called the "overachiever" when it came to class presentations or art assignments, my mind has always found peace in the world of imagination and innovation.

My entire life, I've wanted things that I could never find. One of those things was apparel that used relaxed colors, leaned towards simplicity, and never lacked creativity.

So here it is, MAHZUZAH. I hope, here in this space, Solange and I can share with everyone the things we envision.

Inshallah, as you support us on this journey, I hope that every time you see or hear the word "lucky," you fade out the fear and doubt of those that may surround you, and instead see hope and prepare for your luck! ♡



Everyone collects something. My something is sweatshirts. And while I've  amassed an extensive collection, I still find myself in need of sweatshirts that have intention and purpose rooted in the design while still complementing my aesthetic.

Inshallah, at MAHZUZAH, I will fulfill that need, not just for me but for all of us. My goal is to create pieces that spread meaningful reminders that will forever be on trend. Pieces that spark joy and conversation. Pieces that you connect with, today and always.

Mahzuzah represents the freedom and fulfillment that unfolds when you choose self belief over fear. Many of us have over flowing ambition but don't follow through because the seeds of doubt our surroundings have planted. We are told to "be ambitious but not overly ambitious, to stick with what we know as secured success, regardless of passion."

Inshallah, through MAHZUZAH, La-Vie and I can help break the barriers of traditional success that has boxed in so many of us. We hope to set an example of what happens when you follow through.